The Red & White Show ’23

The Red & White Show

the Red & White show continues until April 9, 2023

The Jisedai Visual Art Collective presents three contemporary Japanese-Canadian artists, in the first installment of the Red & White show.

These next generations of artists are excited to showcase their ideas of what it means to them to be Japanese-Canadian, and are helping shape the future of Japanese-Canadian art.


Will Shintani
twinz, 2023
16x20 inches, acrylic on canvas.
twinz, 2023.

Opening Fri Mar 24 – 6pm-10pm
Sat Mar 25 – 1pm – 6pm
Sun Mar 26 – 1pm – 6pm

Wed – Sundays from 1pm – 6pm, until April 9th at Shintani Gallery

700 Lansdowne Avenue
Toronto, ON M6H 3Y8

the red and white show at shintani gallery